Month: March 2012

  • Arducopter drone maiden

    Finally had a nice sunny day to take my Arducopter for it’s first flight! It is not as stable as I thought it would be; most of the flying time I had it in ‘loiter’ mode which attempts to maintain a position based on GPS and altitude (using either barometer or sonar).  Even so as…

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  • Siri, let me in!

    I have been playing around with SiriProxy which provides a mechanism to override spoken commands to Siri on an iPhone 4s. Normally when you talk to Siri your iPhone sends the voice packets off to an Apple server which interprets them into words and then tries to interpret what you mean.  It then sends a response back…

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  • Arducopter drone build

    My recent obsession with Arduino brought me back to an old interest: autonomous flight! I totally love the open source community and the great stuff that people throw in together on…such as DIY Drones. DIY Drones is a community built project using Arduino microcontroller to control a multi-rotor helicopter (though it also can control a…

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